Heart and Cross

I had a clutch that was giving me trouble. They worked on it to replace a part that had gone bad. When I got the car back it was good for a few days then started acting funny again. They got me right back in and said air was getting in somewhere that was causing it. They redid it to make sure the seal was perfect. Got the car back and it did the same thing. It turned out the new part was faulty. So Gary took my car back and got me set up with a rental until they got another part in. They handled everything with my warranty and never charged me anything extra for the extra work. Fantastic customer service. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the 5 stars John!

- Gary Sapp Automotive

If you have to be "hold up" at an automotive shop, here is the place to be. We had to wait for a Fiat part for 3 days, but this crew was up for the challenge! Helpful, courteous, capable & hospitable, even sharing lunch with us. Thanks for getting us on our way!!