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Do you know when your last oil change was? For many people an oil change is a service that often gets overlooked. We always hear about how important regular oil changes are for our vehicles, but we’ve all probably waited a little too long to get an oil change at least once or twice. With busy schedules, it’s all too easy to prioritize other tasks over getting our car’s oil changed. However, it’s important to understand exactly what happens to your car when you don’t get regular oil changes.

Your vehicle’s engine oil gets contaminated over time. Oil serves an important purpose in your car: it cools the engine, cleans, seals, and lubricates.

When the oil is dirty and old from constantly flushing the engine out, it becomes unable to function properly.

Although you may not see effects immediately, not changing your vehicle’s oil puts additional strain on your engine and can cause long-term damage.

Getting an oil change is a simple and inexpensive component of vehicle maintenance that protects you against having to spend thousands of dollars later to repair your engine.

Bring your vehicle to the professional ASE Certified Mechanics at Gary Sapp Automotive in Pensacola, and let us keep running longer.